Basically, there are two kinds of wallets that have their own pros and cons based on utility and security. A cold or hardware wallet is more secure, but sometimes confusing for a first-time user. Meanwhile, a hot wallet comes into play in a handy way but is less secure in comparison to a cold one. Please do your own tradeoff when choosing a cryptocurrency wallet.

We recommend using MetaMask which is a hot wallet. The tutorial is provided below.

Install MetaMask on your device

Choose one of the links below to download the suitable version for your device.

MetaMask Browser Extension

Once the application/extension has been installed, follow the instructions within the wallet to create a new cryptocurrency wallet.

Visit the download page and click Install MetaMask for Chrome to move to the MetaMask extension page on the Chrome web store.

Install and pin it to make it available in your browser toolbar. This process is similar to installing any browser extension on chrome.

MetaMask Wallet Registration

Finally, you will be greeted with this. Now click Get Started to begin the registration process.

The subsequent screen will offer you two options: Import Wallet and Create a Wallet. Click the latter option to create a new one.

Next, you can choose to share some anonymous data with MetaMask to jump onto the following screen. You can click No Thanks for complete peace of mind - your experience with Metamask will not be hampered. Select accordingly and proceed.

Now Create a strong password on the following screen.

Next, you’ll see the MetaMask team trying to emphasize the importance of the secret recovery phrase with a short video. Better watch it and click Next.

Now it’s time to save the secret recovery phrase. You can uncover the secret phrase and download it as a text file.

It is strongly recommended to write the secret recovery phrase down on paper and keep it in a safe place. Don't show it to anyone!

Then click Next to proceed.

MetaMask goes to lengths to ensure you remember this important phrase as they don’t store it for you. So you see a word puzzle to rebuild that phrase, exactly the way it was. Unless you get it right, the Confirm button at the end won’t get activated, and you can’t proceed.

And if you’ve missed remembering or saving it, there is a back button under the MetaMask icon at the top. That will take you to the previous page to download and memorize it.

Then you are all done creating your account.

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