Redeem an event

Get a reward after the event, depending on the overall result that the player will get the corresponding amount.

P/L (profit/loss) - Profit/loss ratio. Once the results are obtained, there are profit or loss ratios related on each option. The P/L ratio is calculated by following formula:

P/L= payout * outcome

*Payout mentioned in the prediction event step

Step 1: Select an event joined

To obtain a reward, you need to select the option you have already participated in or the derivative NFT of that option.

To view all of events you have participated in, please go to your profile page. Select the 'Prediction History' tab here, which lists all the events you participated in, and then select the events with announced results to perform the award-winning steps.

Step 2: Redeem event

1. Select the option that you have participated in, then enter the amount you want to redeem, up to the initial amount participated in the event.

**Only accounts that own the derivative NFT of this option can redeem, if you have sold this NFT to someone else, that person can also redeem at this event.

Predicted will let you know how much you participated in this event.

2. Complete confirm transaction in wallet.

3. After completion, you need to check if you have received the bonus amount.

*And of course, once redeemed, the number of NFT holdings of the option will decrease accordingly.

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