NFT Item

There are a few ways to create new NFT it

*Note: Your account must have at least a collection. If you don't have a collection of your own, review the create collection guide.

In addition, you can also go to the page to create a new item in many ways such as At the Marketplace page, click on the Create button.

Or you can go to your Profile page, you will see the Add Item button, then click the add button.

There is no restriction to create an item in the Metaspacecy storage. Only some fields should be noticed that showdown in the image below.

Image, Video, Audio, or 3D Model: required.

Name: required.

External link: We will include a link to this URL on this item's detail page so that users can click to learn more about it. You are welcome to link to your own webpage with more details.

Description: Provide a detailed description of your item.

Collection: This is the collection to which your item belongs.

Supply: The number of items that can be minted. No gas cost to you!

Notice: The standard that we use to mint an item for users is ERC-1155 which is semi-fungible token. That means it can play two kinds of different roles (fungible and non-fungible) associated with the number of a particular item minted in the block. In the alpha version, the marketplace only allows users to create a non-fungible token with only one supply for a particular token id in circulation. An item is tokenized in the digital form and we aren’t guaranteed to solve any issues related to copyright and sensitive content, so make sure to create an acceptable and ownable asset in the decentralized world.

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