NOTE: You must have your item before selling any items. If you don't have any items, you have to check your collection first. And if you have not yet, create a new collection or import it. After creating a collection, create an item with the newly created collection.

Choose the item you want to sell on Profile Page, and press the "List" button to move to the Sell Item page.

You'll see some fields, and you should notice the showdown in the image below:

  • Price: required, set the price you wish

  • Token name: required, select the coin you would like to Sell

  • Quantity: the number of items you would like to sell

  • Duration: selling time

  • Starting/Ending: time to start and end the listing

After inputting a valid value into all fields, Click "Sell Item" and "Confirm Listing" the item to complete listing an item.

Sell items with other currencies on testnet

On the item detail page you own, the "List" button will be displayed, click on the "List" button to visit the "Sell Item" page.

If you have not registered the type of cryptocurrency, it can only be sold with APT, at the token name field you cannot select the other coins.

To sell with other coins, your wallet must have that type of cryptocurrency. For the testnet at Metaspacecy Aptos Marketplace, we support users to receive test coins.

Click the "Faucet" button(coin icon) displayed on the navigation bar - a modal displays a list of coins for users to choose from.

Just select the coin you want and verify it in your wallet to get 100 test coins

In case, the user has not registered the coin type, users need to confirm twice with their wallet:

  • The first time is to confirm the type of cryptocurrency registration.

  • The second time is confirmation to receive 100 test coins of the selected coin.

After confirming, you will receive a successful message.

Finally, visit your wallet to check if you have received the test coin.

NOTE: A coin can only be faucet once. If you had a faucet before, getting the faucet again will report an error in the wallet.

At the "Sell Item" page, after registering the type of cryptocurrency, the user can choose a coin other than APT

You'll see some fields, and you need to fill in the information:

  • Price: required, set the price you wish

  • Quantity: the number of items you would like to sell

  • Duration: selling time

Then click "Sell Item" and "Confirm" to complete the sale

After creating a successful sell order, the information such as amount, type of coin, quantity, creator, and time are displayed on the item detail page.

Cancel Listing

Cancel listing is a secure way to delete your order both on off-chain and on-chain data as the owner of an NFT item does not have the intention of selling at the moment.

You need to choose the item you want to cancel on Profile Page and press the "Cancel" button. The owner is charged to pay some gas fees as conducting the transaction in the block.

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