Create Collection

You can easily open the "Create Collection" page on Metaspacecy Aptos Marketplace by hovering over "Create" and clicking on the "Collection" displayed in the website header.

On the "Create Collection" page, you should be noticed what is shown in the image below.

  • Banner image: required, maximum size 10MB

  • Name: required, the maximum length is 128 characters

  • Description: required, the maximum length is 1500 characters

  • Category: a type of the collection belongs to. Art, Music, Photography, Games, Sports, Metaverse, Trading Cards, Domain Names, etc.

You can also go to the "Create Collection" page by opening your "Profile" and clicking "My Collections"

Then click the "Create A Collection" button to create a new collection

Import Collection

NOTE: You have already created a collection in your wallet, but it is not showing up in the Metaspacecy Aptos Marketplace. You can use "Import Collection" with the following steps:

Go to the "My Collections" page and then click the "Import A Collection" button.

Then the import collection pop-up will appear. You’ll add and check the "Collection Name" and select the "Category Name" with the valid value.

Finally, you can import the collection by clicking the "Import" button.

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