For the time being, Martian does not support a cold or hardware wallet like a Ledger device. This will change quickly, of that we can be fairly certain. Please be aware that you are working with a hot wallet right now, which is less secure than a hardware wallet, until that time. As a result, you should create a very secure password for your wallet and ensure that no one else can access it.

Install Martian wallet on your device

Step 1: Visit and click "Download" in the upper right corner, then click "Add to Chrome" (or Brave respectively).

Step 2: Once downloaded & installed, the following screen should pop up. Since this is the first time that we are setting up a wallet, we are going to choose the first option, namely "Create a New Wallet".

You may always go back to the pop-up if it doesn’t appear or if you unintentionally dismissed it by clicking the Martian icon in your browser’s address bar and selecting "Return to Onboarding".

Step 3: Pick a secure password, confirm it, and carefully read the entire document. Then select the checkbox next to "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy" to confirm your agreement.

Step 4: Keep this sentence to yourself and don’t ever divulge it to anyone (like a good old piece of paper stored in a secure place).

These are the twelve words that are required to create and recover your private key. As a result, if you misplace your laptop, these are the words that must be used in that precise sequence to recover your wallet.

That sentence serves as your Memonic. One thing to keep in mind is that anyone reading this sentence will also have access to your money and wallet.

Step 5: If you desire, you can choose to enable notifications for your favorite Aptos dApps, to receive updates about them directly in your wallet. This is optional however and still in beta.

Step 6: After going through the tooltips, press "Finish" to complete the Aptos wallet setup — congrats, you are now ready to explore the Aptos ecosystem firsthand!

Funding and Accessing a Wallet

From now on, you can access your Martian Aptos wallet via the browser extension in your browser bar.

You can pin the extension so you can always easily access it (simply click the puzzle icon and then the pin icon next to "Martian").

Once unlocked through your password, you can access your wallet & find your wallet address within it

Now you have two options:

  • You can go ahead and explore Aptos on Mainnet, on which you handle tokens that have "real" value.

  • Test the waters on Testnet to get familiar with everything first.

In this guide, we’ll show you both. Let’s start with Mainnet for those of you who are eager to take the leap.


By default, your wallet should be connected to Aptos Mainnet. To double-check, click on the Aptos symbol in the upper left corner of the Martian wallet UI. If not selected already, choose "Mainnet 1 (Recommended)" to connect to the Mainnet.

Spend some money in your wallet right now. To accomplish this, just copy your Martian wallet’s address and transfer money to it, for instance from an exchange.

You should be aware that you can pick between two separate accounts straight away by default. By selecting "Account 1", you may change between them.

If you want to get right to it without testing the waters on Testnet, you can skip the next part.


Make sure that you are connected to Testnet by clicking on the Aptos symbol in the upper left corner of the Martian wallet UI. Then select "Aptos Testnet"

Since we are on Testnet, you can request some testnet tokens to play around with — simply click "Airdrop" to receive some $APTOS tokens straight to your wallet.

If you request an airdrop, you are redirected to the faucet of the Aptos testnet version ( If you do not have an account already, complete the sign-up process of your choice.

Once you successfully created an account and signed in, you can click "CONNECT WALLET" on, then choose your desired wallet.

In our case, this is the Martian Wallet. Approve this action in the Martian browser extension pop-up.

Make sure your wallet is connected to Testnet — you can choose which network you want to connect with via the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of Martian’s UI.


And that’s it, you should now find some $APTOS testnet token in your Martian wallet.

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