Create Collection

On any page on Metaspacecy, open your profile and then click "My Collection" as marked in the below picture to access the storage containing all of your collectibles:

Next click “Create A Collection” to create a new one.

There is no restriction to create a collection in the Metaspacecy storage. Only some fields should be noticed that show down in the image below.

Logo Image: required.

Banner Image: required.

Name: should be unrepeatable.

Description: a brief introduction of the collection.

Category: a type of characteristic that the collection belongs to. Typically, artwork, fan tokens, music, etc. In an alpha release, only artwork and its relative are supported.

Royalty fee: collection’s royalty fee applies to all of the items in the collection is paid to the NFT creator or right holder every time the NFT is sold or re-sold.

Import A Collection

Click “Import A Collection”

Enter the address of the collection you want to import and the network it belongs to. Then import it into Metaspacecy asset storage. The process can take a while to fully retrieve data from the blocks.

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