Transfer NFT

Transfer NFT is a new feature that allows users to pass on their items to others for many different purposes such as giving, buying, and selling, or simply transferring to another wallet. To transfer NFT on the Metaspacecy Aptos Marketplace, accounts must activate the enable receiving NFT. If you do not enable this feature, you will not be able to receive NFTs from different sources.

Activating the Feature of Enable Receiving NFT

Press "Enable Receiving NFT" on the Profile Page to activate the feature of receiving NFT. And you'll see the "Enable Receiving NFT" display on the banner profile for the account that does not enable receiving NFT.

Then, you need to confirm at the wallet pop-up to enable receiving NFT. Metaspacecy won't charge any fee, but you still have to pay some gas fees for this operation.

Your account will be in a verified state, with a blue tick in the bottom corner of your profile picture. Right now, you can identify which accounts can transfer and receive NFT through the Transfer NFT feature.

Transferring NFTs

Choose the item you want to transfer on Profile Page, and click the "Transfer NFT" button.

You'll see some fields in the Transfer Item modal:

  • To (the address of the receiver)

  • Amount (number of items)

After transferring your NFT, go to the History Tab on Profile Page to check.

NOTE: make sure that the receiver address has already activated the "Enable Receiving NFT" function.

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