NFT Item

NOTE: Your account must have at least one collection before minting any items on Metaspacecy Aptos Marketplace. If you don’t have your own collection yet, review our guide to creating a collection.

There are several ways to access the "Create Item" page to create a new item. The most convenient way is to hover your mouse over "Create", you will see the "Item" displayed at the website header.

Or you can click the "Create" button displayed on the Metaspacecy Aptos Marketplace homepage to go to the "Create Item" page.

Or click the "Add Item" button on the Profile Page

You'll see some fields, and you should notice the showdown in the image below:

  • Image Item: required (Image, Video, Audio, or 3D Model) with a maximum size of 10MB

  • Collection: choose the collection that your item belongs to

  • Item Name: required a maximum length allowed is 128 characters

  • Item Description: required a maximum length is 1500 characters

  • Royalty Fee: maximum is 50%

  • Supply: the number of items that can be minted

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