Before listing an item, you need to have a collection first. You can choose to Create or Import A Collection.

For importing a collection, you choose the network first and then paste the contract address. Then click Import.

If you do not have any collection, you can click Create and set up features for your collection including Logo Image, Banner Image, Name, Description, Category, and Royalty. Your collection is set as explicit and sensitive content by default.

After that, you can add your item to the collection by hitting the Add Item button.

In the Create New Item interface, you can upload your digital assets such as an image, video, audio or 3D model to mint it as an NFT and set up its features including Name, External link, Description, Collection, etc.

In order to list an item in the marketplace, first of all, navigate to the NFT you want to sell and click on Sell Item. If you do not see the Sell Item button, make sure you're connected to the correct address that the item belongs to. There are basically two sale methods that can be used to list in the marketplace.

Fixed Price

Fixed price is a sale method in which the price is listed at the expected curtain price.

Steps for listing an item at a fixed price:

  1. Choose payment token: There are two types of tokens that can be used as payment currency: native and fungible tokens. The marketplace was launched on 4 networks including Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, and Avalanche. That means in the current stage the marketplace only supports 4 native tokens ETH, BNB, MATIC, and AVAX respectively. And a bunch of other FT (fungible tokens) based on these standards: ERC20, BEP20, ARC20.

  2. Set up the NFT price: After choosing the payment token, set the price at which you want to sell your NFTs.

  3. Choose a fee method: protocol fee or split fee

  • Split fee is a fee method in which both sides of a transaction are taxed for the exchange protocol and the creator of an item exchanging. In which the order maker takes responsibility for the royalty fee if specific, the order taker is charged an amount of service fee by the marketplace.

  • Protocol fee is a special fee method where only royalty is charged by using platform token. That means the order taker is not required to pay for the service fee and only pays gas costs as the conditions are matched and the transaction is executed.

Finally, click on the List button to get to the next step.

This will lead you to the confirmation to complete the process of listing an NFT item.

First, you must initialize your wallet. This step only has to be done the first time you list an item and requires a one-time gas fee.

Second, approve your token for sale. If this is your first time selling an item from this collection, the site will ask for you to approve the collection for trading. Click Approve. You only need to do this once per collection. Once you've approved a collection, you don't need to do it again, unless you revoke the approval later on.

Third, you'll need to confirm the listing by signing the transaction in your wallet.

Finally, view the item that has been listed.

Now your item is available on the marketplace.

Falling Price

Falling price is a sale method in which the price will fall down over time.

The process of listing an item is similar to the fixed price method. Only one essential factor needs to be carefully calculated to make a profitable order. The combination of setting start, end price, and duration are fundamental elements to identify slippage of the purchase as it’s actually executed. Slippage refers to the difference between the price at which the deal or trade takes place. The subtraction of the start and end price showcases how much the slippage is in a second.

Cancel Listing

Cancel listing is a secure way to delete your order both on off-chain and on-chain data as the owner of an NFT item does not have the intention of selling at the moment. The owner is charged to pay some gas as conducting the transaction in the block.

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