Predict an event

Before participating, it is necessary to pay attention to some of the following terms to get most profitable.

What is the Payout?

Payout - If the selected option has a 100% chance of winning, you can obtain the ideal odds, which will estimate how much you can earn when participating. To determine the rate:

This proportion is constantly changing, and once someone participates in the event, it will be recalculated to provide a reference number for the participants. You can easily view this ratio in our 'Predict' method.

Service fee - calculated when the participant redeems the reward.

Actual payout amount = Payout * Position * (1 - service fee)

What is the Calculator?

Calculator is a useful tool to estimate PNL(profit and loss) to compare how much you will spend and how much you will get back in return.

How to use the calculator?

  • Step 1: Open the calculator (click on the calculator icon on the prediction method)

  • Step 2: Select the Option

  • Step 3: Enter the participation amount

  • Step 4: Set the result (use the drag bar to predict the winning rate of the selected option)

  • Step 5: Observe the results. Receive - An estimated amount that can be obtained when you pay the input amount in the corresponding percentage.

Receive = payout * outcome * amount

Guideline Predict

Step 1: Open the Prediction page

Go to the Prediction page, and click the Prediction on the navigation.

Step 2: Select the live event

In order to participate in the prediction, you need to select the event that is occurring in order to display the prediction button on the event card.

1. Select an ongoing event, can participate in the prediction directly by clicking on the Predict button displayed on the event card.

Or go to the details page, here will display all the details of the event, at the detail page to be able to participate in predicting an event, you will have to fill in all the fields mentioned

2. Fill in the parameters to participate in the prediction

The information displayed:

  • Option: Choose the option of the event

  • Amount - Amount to participate

  • Predicted - the amount that you have put into the Pool before

  • Balance - total balance in your wallet

*note: need to pay attention to the type of coins that the event allows to use.

Step 3: Start to predict

After you have finished filling in the parameters, click the Predict button.

A pop-up will appear, you need to approve to confirm the transaction.

After all the payment confirmations through the wallet, when the prediction is done, you will receive a successful notification.

Step 4: Finish predicting an event

After the prediction is successful, you need to check whether the event information has been updated.

On the event detail page, you will see the transformation of the chart. You can also view the 'Info' tab, which displays a list of historical records and detailed information about events.

Once you have participated in the prediction, you will receive an NFT corresponding to the option you selected earlier, the quantity will depend on how much you spend to predict.

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