Offer An Item

Making an Offer allows the buyers to make a deal for a lower price than the one listed or offer to buy an NFT that has not been listed at a particular price. This action is handy for the buy-side to get an item they can afford and a useful tool to make a mutual transaction for both sides. Below are the guidelines for you to make an NFT Offer.

First, you click on the Offer button.

After that, you can make suggestions for changing the payment token or the price of the NFT. Besides, you can also choose the expiration day for your offer.

Approve fungible tokens to offer.

Notice: This method only supports fungible tokens due to some technical issues.

Confirm the offer by signing a request transaction from your wallet.

After successfully making an Offer, wait for the seller to accept your Offer or you can cancel it when the purchase hasn't been made yet.

Otherwise, you can navigate other Offers on the list to get more options for your item.

Accept an Offer on your NFT

  1. To accept an Offer on your item, you will need to go to the individual page for that NFT.

  2. You will see a list of Offers for you to choose from.

A modal will appear with the details of the offer. You will now need to confirm this in your wallet to proceed.

Once the transaction has been completed, you will see a success message appear, showing that your sale has been successful.

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